How will you use the knowledge and experience acquired during this project in your daily work

  • During the projects i’m going to hold in my community
  • I will use in my future work and trainings that our organization is implementing. We have created a new network of partners and we will develop new projects for young people and apply for Erasmus + projects.
  • I’ll use the methods that i have learned working with kids and in daily life when it will be necessary. Also in trainings and seminars and maybe as a facilitator
  • I will share my skills with my friends and other locals, also I will use my skills in my studies and work
  • I will use the knowledge and experience acquired during this project every day in different project and presentations and talking to my friends from different countries that I have made in the project.
  • I will use the knowledge gained from participating in this project by sharing what I have learned with others and also helping them make a good plan for the future on their own.
  • I will use the knowledge gained from participating in this project by sharing what I have learned with others and thus can create a community with good ideas for the future.
  • This Training Course gave me new skills and competence to use in other activities with young people in my organization. As a non formal education specialist I greatly value all the methods and activities I learned during this TC and I am planning to use them in my professional activities in the future.
  • I can implement energizers and activities used during the project in my daily work, also use examples of my colleagues experiences and practices.
  • The skills and the knowledge, that I gained during project will help me in my daily work. That experience will help me to communicate with people in better way. I also experienced my negotiation skills. I will share my knowledge to my community and I will help young people in different ways to get the knowledge that I have.
  • This project has given me a lot of experience in the crisis management field. I met a lot of interesting people and we exchanged our views about this issue. It is true that the project participants had different professional interests, but I believe that this topic united us all despite our professional interests, because the crisis and its management during 2020-2022, has become a very important topic. I am sure I will use the knowledge and experience gained within the given project very successfully, both in my professional and daily life.
  • I’m involved in a non-profit organization and we are doing some educational and charity projects. I have learned a lot in this project, such as new methods and energizers. I’m using already all of them. Especially I’m going to do camp in the summer for youths and definitely will use all of the methods and skills, I have gained in the project
  • I’ve learned tools with communicate with people with fewer opportunities
  • During this project I gained such experience that I have never had before, this knowledge is not written in books, or you can’t learn in university or in college. I am team member of AIESEC in Georgia, here work only young people especially students and we together help other young people to find best opportunities abroad to wort, teach or volunteer there. So I think this experience help me to communicate with them and understand their desires. lso this experience abroad for me was the first one and it helps me as a young person to be more ndependent than I was before. It helps me to find myself, develop my personal and professional skills.
  • I will use it for my own benefit
  • After coming back home, I will be able to share the knowledge to my Georgian peers. I will organize trainings for youth in my hometown. Involvement of young people is especially important.
  • I will share my knowledge and experience with youngsters in my hometown by organizing trainings
  • In this project, inclusion of disadvantaged people for socio-economic issues into society was held because of that I will give seminars both in other projects and in my work regarding parties which have disadvantages in terms of social matters.
  • The knowledge that I gained during this training course will help me a lot in the future in my work as a teacher. I will have knowledge how to work with young people at risk and how to make them part of the group using non-formal learning methods. Also the knowledge and experience I have learned from the practices that the participants from the other countries shared give me new ideas for what to do and how to work with young people at risk when a new cries come.
  • I will use my knowledge to work with young people. I will also apply them in crisis situations.
  • I will share my knowledge with my society. I want to organize some meetings with people around me and tell them what ı learned from this project. And I will share my experiences with them. I really want to work/volunteer more with disadvantaged people and refugees. I am alredy working with them ! I will pay attentionto my words, communication skills and my gesture when I am communicating with disadvantaged people.
  • I can use my knowledge and expierence in real life, for exemple, I can use my self-confidence and improvedmsocial skills to attract new people to my service online. I can use my improved organising skills in my every day life to plan my education, my work and my rest so I can do everything I need and also stay with energy. I can use my acquintance with other young people from this project to get know about another interesting projects and apply for them.

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